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HydroVolve HAMMER

Universal Stuck-Object Extraction System

Hydrovolve hammer slide

HydroVolve HAMMER is the world’s most powerful, most controllable and most versatile stuck-object extraction system. It is simple, rapid and robust and is operated and controlled instantly using only conventional rig systems.

It is the superior alternative to jars in the BHA for preventing and remedying stuck-pipe incidents, and is the ideal solution for fishing interventions and planned P&A operations.

HydroVolve HAMMER is powered by the HydroVolve INFINITY engine to generate and deliver intense vibration and rapid impact force to liberate stuck objects. It utilises the PolyVolve swivel to allow immense overpulls to be applied to stuck objects at the same time as delivering intense, high energy vibro-impact extraction forces. This combination is designed to deliver swift stuck object extraction thereby minimising downtime and increasing operational success.

HydroVolve HAMMER is recommended as a superior direct substitution for drilling jars in any Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), and is especially suited to tophole applications, complex intermediate sections and complex 3D and/or extended reach drilling (ERD) applications. It is also designed to deliver the bond-breaking forces required to extract casing in P&A applications, where sticking due to cement or solid settlement is likely, and when used in fishing operations, it provides the ultimate control, flexibility and raw power required to ensure the highest chance of success.

Technical Details

Premium Connection Sub

HydroVolve HAMMER can be dressed with any standard or premium threaded connection, removing the need for cross-overs.

PolyVolve Swivel Module

The PolyVolve swivel allows high pulling forces to be applied to the stuck-object through the HAMMER device whilst allowing the rotation required to operate the INFINITY engine to deliver the HAMMER impact.

PolyVolve is a modular, stackable, polymeric thrust bearing swivel capable of withstanding ultra-high thrust forces whilst rotating for extended periods in extremely hostile conditions.

PolyVolve delivers a proven and unrivalled thrust load bearing capability, is impervious to wellbore fluids and debris and can operate comfortably at high temperatures.

Jar Head

HydroVolve HAMMER features a conventional linear jarring mechanism which allows both upward and downward jarring to be delivered through the ‘Jar Head’, providing operators with an extra level of comfort and confidence.

Drive Spline

A precision high-torque drive spline provides the torsional drive force required for both drilling operations and fishing tool manipulation.

The drive spline is disengaged in the Active mode for HAMMER operations but self-aligns into re-engagement when the HAMMER is returned to hibernate mode. The drive spline remains engaged in the down-jar mode.

Pressure Relief Module

A pressure relief module is fitted to the HAMMER to prevent over-pressuring of the HAMMER during operation – preventing potentially excessive HAMMER forces from being delivered through the HydroVolve HAMMER to the stuck object.

Mechanical Mode Selector Module

The mechanical mode selector module allows the operator to switch between the three modes: Hibernate, HAMMER-Active and Down-Jar.

This is a mechanical trigger device with the Up-Stroke and Down-Stroke trigger values being pre-set prior to deployment.


The HAMMER module houses the hammer mass, the anvil and the return spring.The HAMMER is powered into striking contact with the anvil using the INFINITY engine. The HAMMER is returned to its starting position by the spring.

HydroVolve INFINITY Module

The HydroVolve INFINITY module is the power source used to propel the HAMMER mass to generate the vibro-impact. HydroVolve INFINITY uses the drill pipe rotation to open and close the inlet and exhaust valves to allow pressurised fluid within the drill string to propel the HAMMER mass.

Flow Management Module

A flow management module is fitted to the lower portion of the HAMMER. This allows the correct pressure and flow regime to be diverted into the INFINITY depending upon the application. This can either be an arrangement of flow chokes or may optionally include the EvoFLO ball-valve module.
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