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Downhole Engine

Hydro Volve Infinity

HydroVolve INFINITY is an incredibly powerful downhole engine. It is infinitely versatile and infinitely controllable.

HydroVolve INFINITY is the driving force for powering a vast range of drilling and wellbore management tools used throughout the well lifecycle. It is a linear piston engine which is powered by rig hydraulics and is controlled by rotation of the drill pipe.

Highly durable and extremely safe, the HydroVolve INFINITY operates very effectively at low operating pressures without creating dangerous pulses, so preventing damage within the well or at the surface. HydroVolve INFINITY features an uninterrupted through-bore giving uninhibited flow and mechanical access through the tool.

HydroVolve INFINITY can be used in applications to agitate, vibrate, resonate, motivate, generate, inflate, or perforate. An infinite number of possibilities exist.

HydroVolve INFINITY is the prime driving force inside our unimaginably powerful stuck-object extraction system HydroVolve HAMMER and in our revolutionary PolyVolve HAMMER liner and completion deployment system.

Key Features

Total control – output force is directly controlled from surface and can be varied instantly from tiny (less than 1,000lbf) to huge (up to 2,000,000lbf), whilst output frequency can range from very slow (less than 1Hz) to very, very fast (around 50Hz).

Total flexibility – this universal downhole engine can power and control many tools used across many functions in all kinds of wells – from ERD and HP/HT to Geothermal – and at all stages from drilling and completion to P&A.

Total reliability – safe and proven in the field, the INFINITY engine is built to last for long term downhole operation. It is the tried, tested, and trusted downhole solution designed to streamline well operations and reduce non-productive time.

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