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Percussion-Enhanced PDC Drill Bit

Hydro Volve Drillbits v3

GeoVolve TERRABIT is a super-premium PDC drill bit, tailored to be powered by the GeoVolve HYPERDRIVE percussion-enhanced drilling system.

GeoVolve HYPERDRIVE and TERRABIT define an advanced drilling system that delivers unrivalled Rate of Penetration (ROP) and bit durability in hard, ductile, interbedded or high compressive strength rock.


  • Geothermal drilling in basement, volcanic or high compressive strength rock
  • O&G drilling in hard, ductile, conglomerate or interbedded rock environments
  • ERD Applications with limited weight on bit

Geothermal energy is everywhere deep beneath the Earth’s surface, providing an unlimited supply of clean energy.  HydroVolve’s class leading GeoVolve TERRABIT is the only bit in the world designed to be durable enough to survive drilling the high compressive strength rock conditions of geothermal well bores with the HYPDERDRIVE system.

Operating Principle

GeoVolve TERRABIT uses the controlled percussive impulse from the GeoVolve HYPERDRIVE to enhance drilling performance to pre-fracture the rock ahead of the drill bit to radically improve ROP and bit life.

The GeoVolve TERRABIT is tough and durable and is built to perfectly transmit the impulse from the GeoVolve HYPERDRIVE into the rock through its fully tailored cutting structure and bit profile. Unlocking the full potential of geothermal energy.

With optimised hydraulics for highly effective cutting evacuation, GeoVolve TERRABIT defines the ultimate in hard rock drilling technology.

Technical Details

Geo Volve TERRABIT datasheet graphic
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