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HydroVolve QUAKE

Breaking the mould of conventional P&A


We’re breaking the mould of conventional P&A – introducing HydroVolve QUAKE, the rapid acting cement and solids buster.

With QUAKE, we’re responding to industry’s call for new technology to dramatically reduce plugging and abandonment costs where operators have a duty to undertake environmentally responsible decommissioning of wells.

Typically, the task of removing casing induces operational risk, introducing scope growth and significant cost escalation.

HydroVolve QUAKE, powered by our proven INFINITY engine, uses a powerful radial striker system to deliver rapid, intense hammer blows inside the casing bore that transmit high frequency shock waves through the casing wall to break down cement or solids present in the casing annuli.

This differentiated technology provides a reduction in binding force to promote a simpler and safer casing recovery, enabling significant time savings and limiting unplanned events.

Simple in design with unique operational capability, operators can plan their well abandonment operations with confidence.

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Technical Details

Premium Connection Sub

HydroVolve QUAKE® can be dressed with any standard or premium threaded connection, removing the need for cross-overs.

Fluted Non-rotating Sleeve

The Fluted Non-rotating sleeve provides lateral stability to the HydroVolve HAMMER whilst also indexing the percussion valve system.

HydroVolve INFINTY® Valve Module

The HydroVolve INFINITY® Valve module directs and commands the fluid power required to generate the percussive impact. HydroVolve INFINITY® uses string rotation to open and close the inlet and exhaust valves to allow pressurised fluid within the drill string to propel the percussive HAMMER mass.


The Piston provides the motive force to the HAMMER to generate acceleration for impact.


The HAMMER is the simple robust mass that is accelerated by the piston to strike the anvil to generate the impulse.


The Anvil provides the point of impact for the HAMMER and transmits the impulse energy directly into the radial strikers.

Radial Strikers

The radial strikers are the impulse delivery components that transmit the radial impulse force to the wellbore to clean, agitate, and disrupt unwanted debris, solids and cement within the well.

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