Services and Facilities

As a dynamic, fast growing technology and manufacturing business, we continue to make substantial investments to strengthen our R&D, production engineering, product assembly and product testing facilities.

Today, our state-of-the-art facilities including a best-in-class engineering production workshop and an exceptional full-scale R&D test facility, both of which support our in-house technology, manufacturing and commercial development.

With a team of experienced and professional design engineers, rapid prototyping capabilities and a full assembly service shop all available in-house, we welcome invitations from third parties to help with the urgent and rapid manufacture of their products. We also welcome enquiries from third parties for rental of our Horizontal 500T Drilling Test Rig and/or for the rental of our state-of-the-art Torque and Test facility.

Our full list of services is detailed below.

Horizontal Drilling Test Rig

At HydroVolve, we have long been fastidious in our determination to produce the best-in-class products and as such we put every single aspect of every single product through rigorous development and proof testing. To ensure we can continue to do so we developed and built our Horizontal Drilling Test Facility to allow us to subject our products to all the conditions (and beyond!) that may be expected in use downhole.

At the heart of our test facility is a long and rigid horizontal test-bed structure capable of delivering massive push or pull forces whilst rotating with a high continuous output torque.

The rig is fitted with an advanced instrumentation and data capture package capable of monitoring a vast array of independent sensors at extremely high sample rates with a programmable graphical user interface delivering easy intuitive user operation. This allows the fullest of product performance parameters to be monitored, captured, analysed and interpreted.

The Horizontal Drilling Test Rig is operated from within a safe zone, is remotely powered using finely tuned hydraulic control systems and is remotely monitored using a high definition, directionally controlled camera display and recording system.

The Horizontal Drilling Test Rig features a flow loop capable of delivering high-volume flow at high-pressure. Our Gardner Denver PZ9 triplex pump is powered by a 1000hp prime-mover giving us a first-class flow testing capability.

Torque & Test Facility

We have invested in a state-of-the-art Forum AMC make-up/break-out torque machine to further enhance our premium service facility.

This torque machine gives us rapid in-house make and break services, allowing fast-tracking of our build and test capability and providing a rapid response service for customers requiring immediate load-out or quick turnaround of rental stock.

We can also provide pre-loadout pressure testing up to 20,000psi on request.

Rapid Product Development

Every one of our advanced downhole products has been designed and developed by our in-house team of professional engineers and specialists under the one roof. We provide the full suite of in-house development services ranging from initial problem solving right through to final product delivery and deployment.

This complete range of in-house services allows us to deliver on new product concepts in extremely short order, giving us a keen advantage over our competitors, but more importantly it also allows us to refine and perfect our products quickly and without compromise.

Rapid Prototype Manufacture

Our in-house rapid prototype manufacture facility is equipped with the latest leading-edge Mazak CNC turning and milling centres and a long-bed Colchester CNC lathe. Together these enable the team to respond instantly to the demands of our own R&D testing and customer product support alike.

Operated by a team of highly-skilled professionals, our rapid manufacturing centre delivers precision machined prototypes on a same-day basis where necessary – providing an unrivalled response opportunity to quickly develop and prove new concepts.

The long-bed CNC lathe is capable of the manufacture of the longest and most complex of components within our inventory, giving us the ability to rapidly repair and refurbish products for immediate return to the field.

We stock a broad range of our most common raw materials to best support our immediate response capability to the highest of quality standards.

24/7 Support

At HydroVolve we expect nothing but perfection from our products. We underpin this intent by offering an unrivalled customer support service to ensure complete satisfaction. We endeavour to work with every customer to provide the technical and commercial support needed to make the supply, deployment and after-job experience a wholly professional and satisfying experience. Our engineers and technical support staff are on-hand 24/7 to make this happen.