Advanced drillstring torque isolation

MonoVolve REDUCER is a drillstring sub which reliably reduces the effects of side-loading and high torque associated with rotation of the drill string in the cased and open hole. It is ultra-durable single-bodied, single-sleeved design has been developed specifically with rugged reliability at its core.

MonoVolve REDUCER works to minimise casing wear and reduce damage to the drill string tool joints. Slip-stick effect and torque and drag burden is minimised when drilling complex 3D or extended reach wells thereby extending bit life and increasing ROP.

MonoVolve REDUCER is recommended for use in any application where system performance may be encumbered or hampered by excessive torque due to well conditions or wellbore geometry or where casing wear or tool joint integrity may be at risk such as in extended reach drilling, complex 3D or HP/HT drilling, slot recovery or side-tracking, and in P&A activities.

  • Casing wear significantly reduced
  • Tool joints protected
  • Operational torque reduced
  • Slip-stick & vibration minimised
  • Bit life extended
  • ROP increased
  • ERD capability enhanced

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Technical Features

MonoVolve REDUCER Schematic with descriptions of each part