Groundbreaking drilling technology

GeoVolve HAMMER is a percussive drilling system expertly engineered for use in geothermal and conventional wells to radically enhance the rate of penetration (ROP) whilst drilling in hard, ductile or interbedded rock.

GeoVolve HAMMER has been designed as a hostile service tool and has been produced without elastomeric seals for use in ultra-hot well environments – particularly geothermal wells.


  • Geothermal drilling in basement, volcanic or high compressive strength rock
  • Oil and gas drilling in hard rock environments
  • Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) applications

Operating Principle

GeoVolve HAMMER uses the field proven and trusted INFINITY engine to drive an internal percussion hammer to strike an anvil at high rates. This percussive force is transmitted through the bottom hole assembly (BHA) to the drill bit, which is then transmitted through the bit into the rock where the percussive impulse force causes crack propagation and compressive failure of the rock structure.

GeoVolve HAMMER is a simple plug-and-play device which connects directly to any BHA configuration. It is very simply powered by the flow of conventional drilling fluid – yet introduces no pressure drop or restriction to flow.

GeoVolve HAMMER features an uninterrupted through-bore, allows the normal operation of standard drilling MWD and steering systems, and is fully configurable to suit each application.

GeoVolve HAMMER requires no complex surface control systems, does not rely on compressed air or complicated crossflow fluid systems and operates automatically and autonomously.

GeoVolve HAMMER overcomes all previous known challenges of drilling in hot, hard rock environments by providing resilience, longevity and thermal capability.

  • Reduces geothermal well costs by 50%
  • Increases ROP by 10x in hard rock
  • Extends drilling intervals significantly
  • Extends bit life
  • No elastomeric seals
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Automatic operation
  • Compatible with any mud/liquid
  • Reduces weight on bit requirement
  • Improves weight transfer to bit
  • No pressure drop
  • Simple robust construction
  • Reduces stick-slip dynamic
  • Maintains bit contact
  • Full bore
  • Reduces high frequency torsional effects

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Technical Features

Premium Connection

GeoVolve HAMMER can be dressed with any standard or premium Box or Pin connection to ease integration into the BHA.

Fluted Non-rotating Sleeve

The fluted non-rotating sleeve provides lateral stability to the GeoVolve HAMMER whilst also indexing the percussion valve system.

GeoVolve INFINTY Valve Module

The GeoVolve INFINITY Valve module directs and commands the fluid power required to generate the percussive impact. GeoVolve INFINITY uses the bit rotation to open and close the inlet and exhaust valves to allow pressurised fluid within the drill string to propel the percussive HAMMER mass.


The Piston provides the motive force to the GeoVolve HAMMER to generate the HAMMER acceleration for impact.


The HAMMER is the simple robust mass that is accelerated by the piston to strike the anvil to generate the impulse.


The Anvil provides the point of impact for the HAMMER and transmits the impact energy from the HAMMER strike directly into the drill bit.


A robust drive spine allows transmission of torque to the bit whilst also transmitting the all-important percussive impact force.

Premium Connection

GeoVolve HAMMER can be dressed with any standard or premium Box or Pin connection to ease integration into the BHA.