Automatic flow management valve

EvoFLO is a ball valve system deployed with the HydroVolve INFINITY engine to divert and direct the necessary flow and pressure to power the INFINITY. It is fully tuneable and added as an optional extra built-in module to the HydroVolve HAMMER.

EvoFLO provides full control over the drill string pressure regime to control INFINITY as and when required. It protects the wellbore from unwanted pressure surges during HydroVolve HAMMER operation, and diverts flow to annulus to allow improved circulation and lubrication of the drill string during operation. It also allows for circulation to be regained in the event of hole collapse and loss of circulation.

EvoFLO is recommended for use in any application where under normal circumstances full-bore access is required through the drillstring for flow or intervention purposes, but where maximum hydraulic power is needed in the HydroVolve HAMMER for extraction purposes thereby necessitating the full or partial closure of the drill string through-bore.

  • Full bore ball allows uninterrupted flow and intervention access
  • Fully programmable flow profile to bore and annulus
  • Automatic open/close operation
  • Protects the well bore from unwanted pressure regimes
  • Improves circulation and lubrication of the HAMMER and drillstring during active HAMMER operation

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Technical Features

Flow Module Coupling

EvoFlo is coupled to the HydroVolve HAMMER to the pre-prepared module linkage.

Valve Operation Module

An automatic valve closure system ensures closure of the ball valve when the HydroVolve HAMMER is positioned into ‘Active’ mode.

Annuar Flow Regulator Valve

Flow diversion to annulus is controlled by virtue of the annular flow regulator valve. The flow rate can be pre-determined at surface by fitting the desired number and size of orifice chokes.

Primary Flow Regulator Valve

Flow regulation through the main bore is controlled by virtue of the full closing ball valve.

When closed, the upper spherical ball element provides a full-bore flow passage. The lower spherical element is provided with a choke fitment port which can be fully plugged or fitted with the desired size orifice-choke.