PolyVolve is an ultra-heavy-duty thrust bearing which enables immense pull or push forces to be applied to wellbore components whilst simultaneously free rotating the drill pipe.

PolyVolve is the world’s most advanced swiveling thrust bearing. The strongest, most durable and most tolerant to bending, the PolyVolve swivel bearing can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with the HydroVolve INFINITY engine across a wide range of applications.

PolyVolve is made up of a stack of precision-manufactured advanced polymeric bearing modules. A limitless number of modules may be added to the stack giving unlimited bearing load capability . The advanced polymeric material used is ultra-low friction and needs no added oil or grease lubricant to function under intense rotating loads.

From running completions and casing faster, deeper and safer, through to the extraction of stuck objects and of casing in slot recovery and P&A applications, PolyVolve provides a proven and unrivalled solution in the field.

PolyVolve is totally unique in design and application. There is no other bearing on the market, polymeric or mechanical, capable of delivering comparable functionality and performance.

Key Features

Highly flexiblePolyVolve’s modular design allows for an unlimited number of units to be added. This effectively means that the load, speed and life of the bearing is unlimited.

Highly resilient – the polymeric material is extremely robust, resilient to debris and inert to well bore fluid – and is fully serviceable in ultra-high temperatures and extreme pressures.

Highly compliant – the bearing is extremely tolerant to bending due to the very compliant nature of its polymeric design. When inflexible rolling bearings tend to fail, the PolyVolve bearing will bend without breaking.

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