MonoVolve is an ultra-robust radial bearing which is deployed to reduce friction between the wellbore and the rotating drill pipe whenever large side-forces are experienced.

Professionally engineered and precision manufactured, MonoVolve is designed to minimise highly damaging casing wear due to frictional abrasion in deviated, extended reach and horizontal wells; protecting the host casing string and simultaneously preserving the drillstring to extend the operational boundaries in complex wells.

MonoVolve’s single-bodied/single-sleeved assembly encloses a balanced-pressure, built-in precision rolling bearing system. The radial bearing is wholly protected from the environment by an inert solid-state polymeric debris boundary and is suited to deployment in any well condition including open hole.

Key Features

Super strong – the single-bodied, single-sleeved (mono) design removes structural weaknesses and fully encapsulates the rolling components. No other torque reducing radial bearing systems boast this enviable feature.

Super efficient – with eight bearing races the MonoVolve is highly efficient at reducing rolling friction, while its single-bodied design ensures the bearings are fully sealed, lubricated and protected from debris.

Super durable – fit for use when running down below the cased portion of the well, and in all well environments including HP/HT, the MonoVolve is built to be safe and durable in all conditions.