Upper & Lower completion workover


Workover operations can be some of the most complex and uncertain operations in the well life cycle. They have a propensity to deviate from plan and can require reactive, corrective responses that sometimes give rise to incremental increase in risk, time and cost. The challenge is to maintain an “as low as reasonably practicable” (ALARP) risk philosophy in well operations at all times.


  • Workover or intervention operations deliver an unplanned outcome or increased complexity that can add time, cost and risk to the operation.
  • Unable to complete the planned recovery of a packer
  • Unable to complete the planned recovery of a tubing or lower completion string
  • Unable to complete the planned recovery of an ESP system


HydroVolve HAMMER provides the best chance of success in the planned recovery of locked/set components or stuck objects during intervention or workover operations.

It allows for staged, precise variability in impact force and impulse to significantly improve the chances of stuck object recovery. All controllable from surface by the driller, it enables:

  • unparalleled pulling and impacts forces and impulse frequency to break static friction, break a mechanical seizure, break bonds from settled solids or cement or outmatch overpulls required.
  • the ability to both rotate and circulate above the stuck object, while jarring further improves confidence and probability of success in recovering stuck objects.

MonoVolve REDUCER, when placed across build sections, allows a significant increase in pulling force to be transferred to the stuck casing whilst protecting the host casing and drill pipe from damage and wear and also reduces the torque burden in the drill string and top-drive system.

EvoLOG in the BHA provides invaluable dynamics data capture directly from the BHA to allow assessment of actual performance of the retrieval BHA allow future deployments to be planned with confidence – improving efficiency and saving significant NPT and cost.