Liner, casing or Lower completion deployment


There is an ever-increasing challenge of ensuring the safe and efficient planned running of casing, liners, completions and TCP strings in evermore complex 3D and ERD wells.


Failure to deploy systems to depth results in deviation from or inability to execute the plan which leads to increased risk, time and cost.

Departure from the plan leads to recovery or remedial operations and may compromise the Primary Well Objectives ultimately increasing time and cost whilst eroding value.


Inclusion of PolyVolve SWIVEL DS or PolyVolve HAMMER enables the rotational decoupling of the drillstring from the component and delivering added deployment force, improving the probability of successful, planned deployment.

This provides operators with complete confidence in the accurate and safe placement of their wellbore systems and allows for longer and/or more complex wells to be planned with confidence and executed safely.

Placement of MonoVolve REDUCERs across build sections can significantly reduce the torque and drag, enhancing drillstring and BHA resilience, saving casing wear and significantly increasing load transfer to the deployment system.

EvoLOG in the BHA provides invaluable dynamics data capture directly from the BHA to allow assessment of actual performance of the deployment BHA allowing future operations to be planned with confidence – improving efficiency and saving significant NPT and cost.